About us


JALPA came into being on May 13, 1971 with the first pilots hired by Air Jamaica, the then national airline. The first Annual General Meeting was held on this date in St. Andrew, Jamaica. Presiding over the meeting was Patrick Cousins, and minutes were taken by Michael Feanny.

By the end of that meeting, where the constitution and bylaws were discussed, JALPA had elected their first Executive members – Patrick Cousins (President) and Michael Feanny (Secretary).

Other charter members were: Mark Royes, Lloyd Tai, Russell Beek, Robert Hamaty, Andrew Campbell, Anthony Bowyer, Churchill Bodden, Pete Nash, John Edwards, Frank Laing, David Brandt, David McRae, Cyril Farquharson, Carl Rhoden, Andre Awhee, Chris Sherlock and Anthony Myers, O.C. Sharpe, Robin Hart and Michael Lyn.

JALPA’s mandate is to promote safety and an equitable working relationship between employers and employees as well as employees with each other. Hence our motto:-


The Association represents the interests of members of the airline piloting profession in Jamaica and seeks to promote the adherence to and implementation of laws, rules and regulations which advances aviation safety standards, maintaining or improving the conditions of employment (better wages and benefits – health care and retirement), improving working conditions and professional standards, and protecting the integrity of the piloting profession, through the increased bargaining power wielded by solidarity among workers.

JALPA is also registered as a trade union. To be eligible for membership, you must be a flight crew member registered to fly in Jamaica.